Kids Career Fair at Northbridge

This week students at the Balmer Elementary School in Northbridge participated in a multi-day Career Fair. Dozens of adults from the community volunteered to discuss their careers and answer questions from the students. Members of the Fontaine project team and our partners at Guigli & Sons met with students to share our experience in the construction industry.

 On the first day of the event, the Fontaine project team welcomed third graders and answered many great questions. The view from Classroom 27 was a perfect angle to observe what exactly was happening on the jobsite right outside their windows. The students heard about the importance of teamwork, planning, and organization as well as the many practical applications of math and science.

On day two, students had a chance to go outside and check out the machinery and equipment Guigli is using to build their new school! What an amazing learning opportunity for the Balmer Elementary School kids!


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