Major Howard W. Beal School in Shrewsbury Opens

Fontaine has completed the Major Howard W. Beal Elementary School in Shrewsbury, MA. Fontaine has enjoyed an excellent working relationship with the Town of Shrewsbury dating back to 2006 with the construction of the Shrewsbury Fire Stations. Our work has spanned several administrations and involved work with multiple building committees. We are proud to say that with each project, our reputation for honesty, integrity, and craftsmanship has continued to grow. Fontaine is pleased to be a part of the new Beal school and to be a key piece of their work to offer full day kindergarten. “The design of this building promotes inclusion of all students, a connection with the natural world around us, an appreciation of the arts, and a commitment to healthy learning practices” says Superintendent of Schools, Joe Sawyer. “We are grateful to learn in a space that will prepare us for whatever the future brings, and we will be ready to meet every obstacle along the way with skill, grace, and a smile.”


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