Just Big Enough to Feel Small.

Someone once asked the question, “How big can we get before we get bad?” Although Fontaine Bros. has grown significantly in our 85+ years in business, we’ll always stay small enough that our most senior people are involved with each of the company’s projects. In other words, we’ll never get too big for our britches.

Where Everyone Knows Your Name.

Our firm is large enough that we can undertake projects over $110 million, yet small enough that you’re always dealing with our leadership team. We don’t have a B-team, much less a C-team. All our senior executives and most talented staff are directly involved with each project. We’ll never take on more projects than our core team can handle.

We Like to Get Our Hands Dirty.

We’ve constructed some of the biggest projects in the Commonwealth, but our heritage is that of being true builders - tradesmen who know everything about building a structure and do the work themselves. In some ways, that hasn’t changed. We still self-perform many trades, in addition to utilizing our relationships with the best subcontractors around the state. We’ll always be hands-on. Some of our competitors might say that self-performing trades is old school. They’re right. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

It’s Always Been Like This.

We believe that consistency breeds quality. It’s a big reason that many of the people in our office and on our job sites have been with Fontaine Bros. for 25 years or more. We also have long-standing relationships with many of the subcontractors, architects, suppliers, and field personnel who are involved with our projects. Even if their last name isn’t Fontaine, they’re still part of the family.

The Head Fontaine.

Dave Fontaine, Sr., learned the business from his dad, who learned it from his dad. Before taking over as president, Dave Sr. was the project manager on more than 100 projects, so his emphasis on construction operations and field operations is second nature. In fact, if he’s not in the office, he’s probably on a job site right now.

The Family Negotiator.

Chris has been working in the family business for more than 35 years now and serves as executive vice president as well as our chief estimator. Chris's deep knowledge of construction costs, means, and methods is an invaluable asset on projects, and he's known throughout the industry as a strong advocate for our clients' interests. 

The Fourth Generation.

Dave Fontaine, Jr., is the latest Fontaine family member to help lead the business. And just like those who came before him, he learned to be a tradesman before he made his way into the office, spending time as a carpenter, laborer, and mason. Dave Jr. is an expert in green building techniques and works with our clients on both general contracting and construction management projects. When he’s not busy serving as a project executive for our clients, Dave Jr. focuses on the company’s long-term strategy and vision.