Granby Elementary School | Granby, MA

Key Details

Size: 31,730 SF Addition |
37,030 SF Renovation
Cost: $24 million
Architect: Jones Whitsett Architects
Owner: Town of Granby

The Granby Elementary School project combined two elementary schools by adding 31,730 SF of new building, and renovation of the existing 37,030 SF East Meadow School building. The completed design of the addition consisted of new Pre-K through second grade classrooms, as well as new administrative offices, and a new gym complete with a new performance stage. The renovation design included state-of-the-art third through sixth grade classrooms, kitchen and cafeteria and along with another special performance space.

Other elements included windows, doors, bathrooms, ceilings, lighting and mechanical systems which were removed and replaced with new. A new fire protection system was also provided. This phased construction project allowed for the original group of East Meadow students to safely occupy the building throughout the duration of the project.