Wilbraham & Monson Academy Athenaeum

Wilbraham, Massachusetts

In partnership with Flansburgh Architects and David Owen (OPM), this project served as phase one of a multi-phase plan to enhance student life and gathering spaces on the WMA campus. We are thrilled that when students return to their campus, they will be met by warm, welcoming learning spaces.

“The completion of our new $6M Athenaeum was the first major construction project on campus in decades, and we could not be more pleased with Fontaine Brothers for having managed the project for us. No matter what we needed, whether it was a trustee and donor tour of the facility or a student beam-signing party; Fontaine’s answer to all of our requests was “tell us what you need and we’ll figure it out.” Their assistance with events like this to help us raise funds and awareness were invaluable.”

Brian P. Easler, Head of School Wilbraham & Munson

Wilbraham & Monson Academy

Flansburgh Architects

Project Type: 
New Construction

K-12 School

5,200 sq. ft.