DeBerry-Swan Elementary School

Springfield, Massachusetts

Fontaine has been awarded the DeBerry-Homer Elementary School Project in Springfield, MA. The new three-story 155,000 SF DeBerry-Homer Elementary School will serve approximately 800 students with an additional 120 Pre-K students. The conceptual design meets exterior program requirements for vehicular drop off/pick up, parking, pedestrian access, gathering, outdoor play, service/delivery and emergency access. Since this is a neutral site, the existing schools can remain in use while the new school is being constructed. The two schools will be consolidated into one building, but each school will maintain its individual identity. Some spaces such as the gym, library and cafeteria will be shared, otherwise the schools will have separate educational and support spaces required to maintain independent schools.

“Fontaine really gets it. Liz and the whole team really understand the importance of engaging & building a more diverse workforce. Their history and presence here in Springfield really seem to drive this commitment.”

Che Swan, City of Springfield Diversity Compliance Office

City of Springfield

Dinisco Design

Project Type:
New Construction

K-12 Public Schools

155,000 sq. ft.