Ralph C. Mahar Regional School

Orange, Massachusetts

Mahar Regional School, a $25+ million project consisting of 175,000 square feet, involved all phases of construction during renovations and additions to the existing building. There was extensive site work, removal and replacement of contaminated soil, asbestos abatement, and demolition, and everything took place while students and staff occupied the existing building.

The four-phase construction project required careful planning by the construction team to coordinate moving students and staff from one point to another. Everyone shifted from the existing school over to areas of the new school as it was completed throughout the three years construction took place.

One of the major undertakings was the removal of oil-contaminated soils beneath the existing school. During different phases of construction, the soil had to be removed and then replaced with suitable soil before construction could begin again.

The school offers technical shop classes as part of its curriculum, and a wing of the building has been devoted to shop classrooms and work areas. The Mahar project also includes eight acres of athletic fields using both natural turf and artificial turf; both middle and high school students utilize the athletic facilities.

Ralph C. Mahar Regional School District

Dore & Whittier Architects

Project Type:
New Construction

K-12 Public Schools

175,000 sq. ft.