Shrewsbury Police Station

Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

The New Shrewsbury Police Station was constructed on the current Municipal Campus at 106 Maple Avenue Shrewsbury, on a parcel of town-owned property located adjacent to the existing Police Station. The new Police Station is a 2-story 44,300 gross square feet constructed on spread footings with masonry veneer. The new Police Station is organized to include public-use conference rooms and classroom adjacent to the entry. First floor spaces service the functions of Dispatch, Records, Roll Call, Report Writing Stations, Sergeant / Patrol Officers, and Interview Rooms, as well as Locker Rooms, Training Room, Firearms Simulator, Armory, and Canine space. Support spaces include vehicular garage/maintenance areas and IT Room. Secured areas located on the first floor include Prisoner Processing, Detention and Evidence Storage. Second floor spaces include Administrative Offices, Investigative Department, Conference Room, and Interview Rooms. Second floor support spaces include Long-Term Evidence Storage, Restrooms / Locker Rooms, Mechanical Room, and full-department Break Room. 

I cannot emphasize enough that Fontaine Bros. has been the best construction management firm that I have ever worked with in over 30 years of construction and architecture. Every member of the Fontaine Bros. team was approachable and accessible to subs at all times. No problems were too big or too small to be dealt with professionally in a solution motivated drive.

Keith Baldinger, Assistant Director of Public Works, The Town of Shrewsbury

Town of Shrewsbury

Tecton Architects

Project Type:
New Construction


Leed Silver Pending

45,000 sq. ft.