Center for the Sciences & Pharmacy Building, Western New England University, Springfield, Massachusetts

Key Details

Size: 126,019 sq. ft.
Cost: $29.5 million
Architect: Tessier Associates
Owner: Western New England University

This four-story, nearly 130,000-square-foot building provides state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories for the university’s biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, and pharmacy programs.

A lecture hall with specialized audiovisual and sound systems is located prominently on each of the top three floors, which provides for large group presentations.

The building was constructed on rammed aggregate piers. Its exterior materials include brick, precast concrete, glass, and aluminum. The roof consists of both flat membrane and sloped membrane, which was colored and accented to look like a standing-seam copper roof. The building is highly energy efficient, with solar water-heating panels, chill-beam heating and air conditioning, motion-sensor lighting, and high-efficiency boilers and fixtures all reducing its environmental impact.

With a location at a main entry to a very active campus, Fontaine Bros. carefully coordinated project workers (parked off site) and the delivery of materials, with dates and times closely scheduled.